Are A.I. Tools Really The Way Forward For Your Business?

In the Age of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, How Will It Affect Your Creativity?

Are AI (Artificial Intelligence) Tools The Way Forward For Business?

Have you started using AI for your content needs yet? No doubt you have heard all about it even if you haven’t been tempted to get involved, yet.

Content, especially written content, can be created for you by programs like ChatGPT using artificial intelligence … but is it a good thing to introduce to your business content creation?

Agreed, Chat GPT (now on version 4.0) is a cutting-edge language model designed to assist you in numerous ways and is one of the most advanced and intelligent AI tools available today, and is capable of understanding your queries and providing accurate, informative responses in real-time.

BUT there are pros an cons to using it.


• It helps you overcome writer’s block

Trying to create content from scratch is difficult because of the writing inertia you may be facing. With ChatGPT, you can easily create outlines, get ideas and much more. It’s easier now to get the content creation ball rolling!

• Doing research is fast!

Instead of scouring through articles online or heading to the library and being in the presence of other nerds, with ChatGPT, you’ll be able to do excellent research in minutes – anywhere, anytime.

• Givesyou ideas you would have never thought of

Since the tool has been fed data for years, it’s fantastic for brainstorming topics, slants, etc.

It’s excellent for assisting with content creation. This is why so many marketers love it.


• Marketers will misuse it

Marketers can be the scourge of the Internet. Even now as you’re reading this, you can bet some marketer somewhere is generating tons of ChatGPT content for their private blog networks that are full of spammy links.

A whole bunch of them are probably scheming to flood Amazon’s Kindle marketplace with AI-written books.

This is just the beginning. There’s no depth to which they won’t stoop.

Which leads to another problem…

• Copyright, Authorship and Plagiarism

Currently, ChatGPT has over 100 million users. That’s a lot of people.

Now let’s assume that just a hundred of them are marketers in the yoga niche and they’re using ChatGPT to create content. (This is a very possible scenario.)

If they were to ask ChatGPT to generate an article, for example, “7 Yoga Tips for Beginners”…

… it would create 100 variations of the same article based on the data it has.

Now we have to wonder…

• Who owns the copyright to this content?

• Who’s plagiarising whom?

• If everyone sounds like everyone else, who’s going to stand out?

You don’t even know where ChatGPT is pulling the content from.

Let’s ask ChatGPT if we’re committing plagiarism here…

My question to AI platform and its reply - Martyn Brown AI and Business Users

So basically, ChatGPT is telling you that you’re not plagiarising… but it’s not telling you where it got its information from.

And it’s advising you to give it credit!

(Wow… that will definitely build your authority and impress your readers!)

It’s all murky, isn’t it?

But there are 2 important points to note here…

1.  ChatGPT is telling you that it’s a text generator. It is NOT a writer. You are the writer.

2.  It’s telling you not to take its information as gospel. That’s because as good as this tool is, it gets facts wrong sometimes.

•  You don’t know what the future holds…

There are already tools like which can detect AI-generated content.

So as marketers increasingly exploit AI tools to flood the internet with monotonous, repetitive content, you can bet Google will start clamping down on these sites.

It’s just a matter of time before AI content is deemed ‘unworthy’.

What will happen to your sites that have AI-content?

It’s anyone’s guess… but if history is any indicator, just like how sites which used spun content (and other methods to manipulate ranking in search results) got slapped harder than Chris Rock – the same just might happen with AI content.

So you must be wary.

•  ChatGPT can ONLY give you what’s already out there

Since the tool creates content based on its data set, it’ll never think out of the box or come up with ideas that truly make you stand out.

It’ll give you variations of the same thing it’s giving anyone and everyone else.

The leaders in any industry are those who come up with new angles for existing ideas or create something that has never been seen before. ChatGPT cannot do that. It lacks creativity.

If you wish to make a name for yourself and stand above the noise, ChatGPT’s content alone will not do it for you.

ChatGPT is a means to an end, NOT an end in itself.

You MUST be different.

So are A.I. tools really the way forward for your business?

Perhaps they can be...

Rewrite whenever possible. Inject your personality into the content. Make sure your facts are on point… and try your best NOT to copy and paste the generated text blindly.